Welcome to itk.swiss

Welcome to itk.swiss! Itk.swiss is a group of Swiss companies founded in 2017 as itk AVtobvS LLC, with subsidiaries across the world (Americas and Africa, more coming in the IPAC region), dealing principally with quantum-resistant cryptography and its applications, ranging from cyber-physical security to mobile payment & data protection.

QRCrypto SA is the group's main operational branch, with the quantum-resistant SIM card as its main product offering, whereas regional divisions like QRC AAAA LLC offer tailored solutions such as AAAMeet.in and its companion mobile app, Devaaa, providing state of the art secure videoconferences with best-of-breed privacy.


    Michael D. Tochon, 3D-printing and cyber-physical systems experimentation
    Stiepan A. Kovac, cybersecurity & cryptography standardization expert, CEO


Contact details: itk.swiss AG (SA), Weinbergstrasse 131, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland - (00)41 44 280 64 55